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Level-Up Your News Experience

With a news aggregator, powered by advanced AI; Enabling you to effortlessly discover, track and digest the news that matters to you.

Custom Feeds

Create custom feeds to track topics, projects and tokens.

Digest Summaries

Get an overview before you choose to read further with AI-based summaries.

Alerts & Bulletins

Set up custom alerts/bulletins to keep up with the latest news and trends.

Format Choice

Read, listen, or watch the news; Stay informed on the go.

Instant Context

Use our Chrome plugin to get latest news on any crypto project website.

Events Tracker

Follow events, understand their influence on the news and vice versa.

The Beginning of a Broader Ecosystem

Addressing knowledge development issues and unlocking economic growth.

Knowledge Ecosystem & Economy

SourceFeed is the starting point of a network of information, education and resources platforms; Interconnected with a decentralised economy (SOURCE), to accelerate knowledge development and unlock economic potential in Web3.

Advanced AI & Blockchain Integration

Our AI is local and capable of outperforming many leading providers in sourcing, text analysis and summarisation; We also utilise various blockchain technologies to offer users complete privacy, enable digital ownership and offer diverse payment options.

Launching Q1 2024

SourceFeed is preparing for launch.

Contact Information

For partnership, commercial and integration enquiries, please reach out via